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With Santa Clara County guidelines changing constantly, BDL will abide by these guidelines and adjust accordingly. In the event that indoor gym use is prohibited by these guidelines, BDL will not issue registration refunds for any gym use cancellations. BDL reserves the right to require necessary measures in efforts to keep all players and spectators safe.

If you feel or have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19, please STAY HOME in order to minimize the spread of Covid-19 among coaches, spectators, and players. If you have been exposed but still plan on coming to BDL, please GET TESTED BEFORE COMING and PLEASE WEAR A MASK DURING GAMES/SPECTATING. Please remember that there are many others susceptible and have other health issues around. Cases have been increasing in Santa Clara County, and BDL will be taking the necessary precautions.

FACE MASKS are encouraged to be worn INDOORS by all players and spectators. 
Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe, we appreciate your efforts in preventing the spread of Covid-19.
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